BC.GAME to Host $100,000 Lottery Event In Line With Argentina FIFA World Cup 2022 Victory


With BC.GAME as a present crypto sponsor of AFA, the celebration of Messi and Argentina’s football victory has come to the next level. VIP participants from BC.GAME can win up to $100,000 in the upcoming Lottery Event. The details and mechanics are expected to be sent in the qualified players’ emails anytime now.

Argentina’s Victory Over France

During the arduous night of FIFA World Cup 2022, when both fans and professional players were gasping for air from the intense match, Argentina successfully set a 4-2 conclusion against France. It was the most anticipated game in this year’s event, and the penalty shootout from the final match was perhaps the most unexpected of all.

At the end of the night, Argentina’s 3rd World Cup Championship Title has secured again after 36 years of waiting. For Lionel Messi and the whole Argentina team, it was a historical event that probably marks their greatest match ever. It has been known that Messi has always dreamed of winning the championship title in World Cup, and so he did.

BC.GAME and AFA Collaboration

BC.GAME was also thrilled to be a part of history as the platform is present as a sponsor of AFA during the event. They thoughtfully congratulated Argentina in the much-awaited and never-disappointing game with France. To celebrate the victorious night, BC.GAME has announced plans to hold a $100,000 lottery game.

More so, the collaboration between AFA and BC.GAME as the global sponsor has also been a perfect opportunity to open up events, media activities, contests, and promotions to players in the future. BC.GAME has yet again created excitement for sports bettors and sports enthusiasts who are on the lookout for the next happenings.

BC.GAME Community

BC.GAME’s community comprises creative developers, finance specialists, and participants that make the platform come alive. The community was said to be established ever since 2016, and in a short time, they have already found an expanded audience. The platform is not only for sports bettors, investors & traders but also for casino players who are looking for leisure.

BC.GAME handles a lot of events, games, and other features to entertain every player with their favored games. The platform expects that more audience and players will emerge in the next months because of recent successful events held online.

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